May 16, 2010

The Garden of Love

This Mother's Day my mama was showered with lots and lots of treats!
One, in particular, I wanted to share with you.  

My mom loves gardens! Is obsessed with them! Hers is filled with roses (of bazillion colors and varieties), lilies, irises, agapanthus, hydrangeas.  She nurtures veggie patches with tomato vines, cucumber blossoms, bell papers, onions, garlic, string beans ... and of course delights in tending to the many aromatic herbs like basil and rosemary.  

She also has a love affair with garden gates! I do too!
(shhh, do not tell her) 
She has begun collecting photographs of garden gates and I was teasing her, while keeping a secret 

La Loma Gate, a gorgeous fine print photograph from  Julie Magers Soulen, which is even more stunning in person!

Julie, the amazing artist, is not only a talented photographer with a keen eye for color and composition, but a lovely being as well.  I was delighted to share her work with my mama, and now to share it with you. 

A million thanks, Julie! Mom loved La Loma!

Here are a couple of other prints I adore from Julie.

P.S. I am sorry to have been absent for a few weeks, with no word in sight. No, I have not been kidnapped by wolves and taken deep into the forest. I simply have been working on many, many redonculously long and deliciously colorful necklaces.
There will be lots of jewels to share soon :)