July 29, 2010

Serving Up ...

Cabs! I thought I would share some that are on the menu. They have been set into magnificent jewels that I am utterly proud of and cannot wait to share with you. The jewels themselves will be posted shortly ;)

Apple green drusy - delicious!  
Labradorite - the iridescent blue luster is stunning!

Turquoise, Agua Nueva, Petrified Wood Opal 
with a sparkly drusy pocket (it looks like a little tiger)!

Pink Drusy - humongous! Turquoise, Imperial Jasper.

Ocean Jasper, Teal Drusy (even more beautiful in person)!

and ...
the most striking collector's Dryhead Agate!

more to come ...



  1. Can I just say-

    I need to buy a plane ticket immediately just to come and liberate a few of those cabs...

    Lovely stones as always my dear!

  2. Scrumptious! I am a little jealous...

    *goes to pet her own stones*

  3. All tints are natural and at the same time has extraordinary colors, it very beautifully, good color and every pebble special))) it very I like.

  4. Wow! That green druzy is amazing!!

  5. You are so awesome I can't stand it!! I just read your bio on Etsy and I love your work. Great to meet such a young vibrant creator loving what she does. I'll be close by following your work.

    ~Vida from ainthatastitch ;)