March 3, 2010

… and thus “Rules were Meant to Be Broken” was born

You might be wondering, "What is the meaning behind the title of her blog?".  I thought I should explain. I love, love color!!! Deep, bold, saturated pigments delight my soul. The more color, the better. My philosophy is simple – there is not a color I cannot bring to life!

As my best friend often says, “On paper if you write it out line by line it makes no sense:

½ strand of neon blue apatite
½ strand acidic salmon coral
3 feet of warm gold chain
30 sterling silver disco balls
1 beautiful pearlescent cream stick pearl
and a pinch of headpins

Give that recipe to another designer and they wouldn't  know what to do with it.  But you take all of these mismatched ragamuffin ingredients and a four-star soufflé comes out.! You create like you believe that rules were meant to be broken!”

… and thus “Rules were Meant to Be Broken” was born.

What color delights your soul?


  1. PINK! All shades...
    Aaaaaand turquoise and pigeons blood red and sun yellow.
    Crayola green.
    Royal purple.
    Chocolate brown with raspberry.
    Oooooo- burnt pumpkin orange.
    Like you, the more color the better!

    Sister from another mister o' mine..

  2. I love your blog...and it is on MY favorite topic: Color!! (As I sit here in hot pink!) And we also share Alice--this is the big weekend for the new movie. Alas! I will have to wait until next week. Don't spill the beans if you see it first! Favorite color, if I had to choose, is Purple of course. But, what I remember most about being a young child is my box of 64 crayola crayons with the built-in sharpener...Oh! What joy! And, I could name all the colors.

  3. "Start wearing purple!", I say. There is a pair of armwarmers in graduating red, purple, orange that I have been keeping my eye on ;)

  4. Magenta, mustard & royal blue!!