March 1, 2010

It rained rabbits that day …


A few days ago after a hailstorm, yes you heard me correctly - a hailstorm in sunny California, a friend and I went to the beach - my favorite place of refuge and respite. As we strolled through the sandy path, breaking the waves with our feet and breathing in the salty air, I began to notice the oddest things.  The storm showered this little oasis with mounds of driftwood and the most wondrous discoveries were coming to light: a rather abstract and pompous looking sculpture, which my friend desperately wanted to drag back to her garden.  It was a no go from the start, since the thing weighed a ton – literally!


A melancholy giraffe stretched out on the sand.


And, I found not one, not two, but three rabbits!  I happen to have been born in the year of the rabbit, I drive a VW Rabbit, I drive like a jackrabbit (as many of my friends like to point out) and ever since I was little, my mom has lovingly called me her little rabbit. Undoubtedly the ocean was speaking to me; and I answered.




The outing was just what I needed.  It gave me lots of creative ideas. I ran home and sketched, sawed, hammered, but you will have to be patient and wait to see what creations were born that day...

In the meantime, do you see what I see?



  1. Ah ma petit lapin! You are officially here in the Blogiverse- congrats! I'm excited to see what those little rabbits brought out in that brain of yours...

    Drive Safely!!!

  2. You have l'oeil de l'artiste, my Liege. These are such lovely rabbits that have leaped into your life.